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Tammy Andrews       11A Williamsburg Lane Chico, CA 95926         (530)636-0558            holistichealth555@gmail.com
Years ago Tammy Andrews worked in the social behavior field, counseling clients who were dealing with sexual abuse issues. After starting her family, she was moved to discontinue this work.  Her greatest joy was raising her three children and she loved being able to stay home with them. Tammy has always been drawn to the natural means of healing since the time she learned about Homeopathic Medicine as an adolescent. At the time, she was unaware of how exactly this wonderful medicine worked, but was hooked!  She used natural medicine for the minor things that came up throughout her life.  When her heart pulled her to learn more about natural medicine, she began researching schools to learn Naturopathy. It was after the birth of her third child, that she had her first experience with a Naturopath.  This third birth brought with it a hormonal health crisis triggered by the poor care of an MD.  

Working with a Naturopath gave Tammy confirmation of the power of natural medicine, which  led her to follow through with that burning desire to go back to school to study Naturopathy.  In addition, she also trained in methods of healing, such as Bowen Therapy, BioSET, NeuroNutritional Therapy and others, adding more techniques and tools to her practice. Tammy continues to learn new methods to incorporate in with the true energy of Naturopathy. This allows her to use different tools when looking at the whole person. 

"We are not just physical beings, so looking at all aspects is absolutely necessary. I work to help people see what aspects of their lives are out of balance. I love the work that I do and would love to help you on your journey to whole body vibrance."

Tammy Andrews, RBT, Traditional Naturopathy
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