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​Going to school, to learn Naturopathy, has given me the foundation for helping people heal. My love of learning drives me to continue to train in other methods to use in my practice.  I incorporate all these in to find what works best for each individual.  I look forward to adding to this list while continuing on my journey to learn from some amazing teachers in the natural healing field. 

Other trainings:

Zone Technique                                 Quanta Bio-frequency healing
McLoughlin Scar Release                  BioSET balancing                                                    Bowen Therapy                                  Acuppresure
NeuroNutritional Therapy                   Bodytalk
Natural Healing Method                     Yuen Method
Massage Therapy                              Emotion code/Body Code
Reflexology                                        Biomedx live blood analysis    
Energy clearing and balancing             
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